Austin Healey 3000-BJ8

This Classic Austin healey 3000-BJ8 was shipped to Jules Bodycraft by a customer living in Switzerland.

All parts and running gear were removed by the customer leaving the bare shell prior to arriving at Jules Bodycraft.

Jules Bodycraft were commisioned to do the following work.

  • Welding

  • Lead loading

  • Paintwork

  • Re-fitting of bright work

On the completion the vehicle was returned to its owner to be rebuilt.

Body of Austin Healey dismantled and shot blasted

Door and rear wing aligned

on Austin Healey.

Body of Austin Healey in etch


Rear wing on Austin Healey aligned with the door.

Grill surround and bonnett finished and pre fitted to Austin Healey.

Off side of Austin Healey filled and gapped.

Body of Austin Healey in

primer filler.

Body of Austin Healey

sprayed in body


Austin Healey in booth awaiting top coat.

Austin Healey in the process of being sprayed.

Completed Austin