Triumph Tr4 (1967)

Accident damage – This Classic Triumph Tr4 arrived at Jules Body craft after being in an collision with a runaway mobility scooter, fortunately for those involved no humans were damaged apart from this Classic!




Triumph Tr4
Triumph TR4

Classic TR4 arrives at Jules Bodycraft, Coven, Wolverhampton West Midlands

Triumph Tr4
Triumph TR4

Damage to the front of the Triumph TR4, whilst the TR4 was at Jules Bodycraft our customer took the opportunity to have extra work carried whilst the insurance paid for the front-end damage.

Triumph TR4 front end dismantled and panel work commencing.

Door on TR4  being stripped to metal

Door on TR4 stripped back to metal

Wing stripped down to metal on Tr4 and filled, awaiting undercoat

Door on Triumph TR4 repaired and filled awaiting undercoat

Wings and door on the TR4 coated in a uppoxy primer

Wing and doors on Triumph TR4 in 2K primer filler

Body-shell on Triumph TR4 masked up and ready for undercoat

Triumph TR4 in body-shell primer

Inside body panel of TR4 sprayed in top coat 

Triumph TR4 body Apertures in top coat

Body panels refitted to Tr4 – in spray-booth ready to be sprayed

Tr4 in Spray booth having been re-sprayed

Triumph TR4 Completed

Triumph Tr4 on low loader being returned to a very happy Customer