1962 E-Type Jaguar Roadster

This Classic 1962 Jaguar E-Type Roadster had been owned by a Local Business man for the last 30 years.
Jules Bodycraft was commissioned to complete a total restoration on this Classic Motor.
This Classic E-type Jaguar was recently sold and entered into the ‘Concours d’Elegance’ and won first prize in this prestige competition.

E-type Jaguar arrives at Jules Body craft.

1962 E-Type Jaguar was completely stripped in the workshop at Jules Bodycraft.

Centre section wings were removed from the bonnet and the sills were  also removed.

E-Type Jaguar at Jules Bodycraft after being shot blasted. New inner and outer sills, floor pans, inner rear quarters and rear quarter panel were then fitted.

Corrosion to the off-side of the E-type Jaguar was then cut out.

A new Sill and doors were fitted to This E-Type Jaguar Roadster. All joints apertures were then lead loaded.

After body of the vehicle was filled, the E-Type Jaguar was then moved to the spray booth ready for etch primer and primer filler.

E-Type Jaguar body in primer filler.

E-Type Jaguar in spray booth at Jules Bodycraft spray booth after having its final top coat.

Jaguar E-Type in the spray booth at Jules Bodycraft after final undercoat. The car was then masked up and ready for top coat.

Jaguar E-Type ready for re-fit. Engine frames re-fitted to body of vehicle.

Re-chromed rear tail light and rear bumper was then re fitted to the E-Type Jaguar Roadster. Various stages of re build to this classic vehicle took place.

Re built engine and suspension re fitted to this classic E-Type Jaguar.
Reconditioned rear axel being re fitted to vehicle.
Stainless steel exhaust re-bent to fit correctly on this Jaguar E-Type Roadster.